Take Me to Music

Sunday means so many things. It is the day when shops open late and close early. The night before (Saturday) the streets were abuzz with party-goers and bar hoppers. Today, a serene silence washes over the city. If you are lucky enough to be outside in the morning you hear birds chirping, see the sun stream brilliant rays of lights through the heavy clouds, and relish the cool air.

After all of that, we went to the best kept secrets in Washington D.C.

A bit of background which starts with a rhetorical question: Do you know where to find the best beat in any city?

Think about it for a second.

Some of you will say the local bar. You know. The one on Main Street where all the chefs from the best restaurants hang out late night and a soulful jazz group plays in the corner.

Others might say outside. Local artists fill the surrounding area with a melody that every bird, tree, and cloud can hear. It is free and it is wonderful.

Maybe it is the "club goin' up on a Tuesday" (or any day of the week). The one with your favorite type of music on repeat (Top '40s, '80s rap, the '90s...whatever floats your boat).

We don't think any of these answers are wrong. In fact - we love them all.

For us (and here come the secrets) it is any house of worship.

This requires some explanation:

People worship for various reasons. They need a place to meditate on the events of the week. They have a personal affliction and hope it will go away. They fear death. They embrace love.

Whatever the reason, a house of worship tends to bring you to your deepest, most emotional thoughts. Singing with this mindset, the sound reflects your inner struggles and beauty.

We were in two places on Sunday in Washington D.C.:

  1. United House of Prayer for All People - 215 51st Street SE - 11 AM. If you like our band, you will LOVE this place.
  2. Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle - 1725 Rhode Island Avenue NW - 10 AM. Schola Cantorum in Latin and organ.

Feel free to spread our secrets and maybe one of these days we would love to see you there.