Let Us Eat Cake

Dessert preferences tell a lot about a person (or so we'd like to argue).

Sweet or savory. Vanilla or chocolate. Citrus or berry.

Or maybe you don't like dessert. Yeah, right (someone could make a good buzzfeed personality quiz out of this...oh wait, of course they already have)!

Recently a friend of Spread Love craved dessert.

Typically the suggestion might have been a donut from Krispy Kreme or a cupcake from Hello, Cupcake (both in Dupont). Quick. Easy. Mainstream.

We needed something different for this friend. She has Marie-Antoinette's taste (although she is much more humble and lovable than the guillotined queen) and hails from the big Apple where there is no shortage of great eats. Expectations that are hard to meet and difficult to beat. Challenge accepted.

A New Yorker becoming Parisian in Washington

A New Yorker becoming Parisian in Washington

In that spirit, we stopped at Bistrot Du Coin. Another friend of the band forever recommended this countryside cottage-style French bistro, but Saturday was the day we finally tried it.

The dessert menus is extensive. You have to know you're craving (or dessert personality profile). Hers was the apple tart, ours was the chocolate mousse with their signature Grand Marnier in a glass. With that, we were flown to Paris while sitting in D.C. To top it all off, Edith Piaf's "Sous le Ciel de Paris" played in the background.

The French often say, "c'est la vie" meaning "that is life." Well, if this is life, we never want it to end.