verb regain life, consciousness, or strength, origin late Middle English: from Old French revivre or late Latin revivere, from Latin re- ‘back’ + vivere ‘live’

Sounds like the definition of our weekend.

Here’s the day by day breakdown:

(Maundy) Thursday we feasted.

A stiff manhattan, potato skins, prime rib and key lime pie with “Somewhere Beyond The Sea” on the piano. A shopping spree at Fillmore & 5th Designer Consignment (it’s been open for less than 3 weeks!). Good food, good clothes, good life and...

(Good) Friday was…good.

A somber day was followed by a rooftop visit to Jack Rose with our new bartender friend, Lauren, and celebrating another friend who just got a new job and is in Europe for a week (his Instagram is tdf – to die for).

(Joyous) Saturday we made all things new.

Played at Pansaari (our favorite) and visited DC9 (Google describes it as a “Tri-level hipster hangout with snug basement bar, music stage with dance parties & rooftop deck”) and Nellie’s Sports Bar (we watched wrestling and rooftop dancing – the best spectator sports) for the first time.

(Resurrection) Sunday we were revived.

We arose from our packed weekend and attended mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. What a stunning place. Brunched at home. Gigged at Georgetown Piano Bar.

All our love for Hunter Lang and Spencer Bates, two incredibly talented piano players.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria." To our bartender Daryl – those sweet tea lemonades and long islands went down like water at a baptism.

So that was our weekend. Tell us about yours. We would love to hear about it!