Youth Leaders for the Global Stage

Love spreading a good cause. The blog would be remiss if it did not mention the happy hour we attended last night at Policy.

Youth Leaders learning about Future Youth Leaders (Global Kids) at Happy Hour

Youth Leaders learning about Future Youth Leaders (Global Kids) at Happy Hour

Director of Global Kids DC Wida Amir told the crowd about the non-profit organization which is best described by the following quote (adapted from the 25th anniversary (2013-2014) annual report) :

Carole Artigiani founded Global Kids in 1989 as she saw a need to introduce students from underserved communities to civics, foreign policy and international relations. Inspired by the diverse communities in New York City where students were from different countries and spoke multiple languages, she felt they would be attracted to international issues. Global Kids programming is built on the belief that if youth became engaged and inspired they would be motivated to succeed in school.

We must also admit that we were pleasantly surprised by Policy. This space has the modern regal art feel with a DC mural on the rooftop and multicolored chandeliers. The white wine flowed freely and we enjoyed sips (and then some).

Most importantly, the people – both those connected to and friends of the organizations – are simply spectacular individuals. There was no dearth of interesting intellectual conversation and positive personalities.

Would love to hear about the causes and organizations you support whether they are local, global or something in between. Happy hump day everyone!