Smooth Sunday

A friend of the band had his last full day in Washington (for a while at least) and we made sure to show him a memorable time since he will be high and dry with a flight to California. It was a smooth start with brunch at The Hamilton. He had a southern classic (chicken and a biscuit) and a New Orleans staple (beignets with stawberry-rhubarb preserve) for the first time. His plate was clean so we can only assume he loved it (speak now or forever hold your peace).

True to Silicon Valley form he had some coding to do and needed a space to do it. Barnes and Noble seemed like the perfect place for him to set up shop. As we went in, vivid memories of the Sunday bookstore family tradition flooded back in view - the new book and coffee smell and shelves by topic with stacks alphabetized by author. Before our friend set to work in earnest, he picked out his very first vinyl, Bob Marley's Exodus, and perused the science section.

Since we didn't want to distract him (we do spread love loud and proud after all) we caught a drink, good company, and marvelous music at Boss Shepherd's. Karla Chisholm was wonderful live and, with some searching, we found a performance that captures her spirit. The Girl from Ipanema is "filled with grace and becomes more beautiful because of love". That beauty is the effortless and ethereal essence of Karla's voice. Jeff Reed on bass and Leonard Stevens on the guitar were perfect complements.

Simply put, we loved sitting at the bar and letting the melody meander over to us as we enjoyed the easy living. In the meanwhile, we started chatting with Erica, a lively and entertaining bartender, and Jonathan, a sharp and interesting waiter. Both had great recommendations for Boss' food and drink as well as books, music, and so much more.

Drink complete and performance over, we stepped into sunshine and walked around the heart of summertime D.C. - the Mall and Metro Center - and worked up an appetite in the process.

With his coding complete, we reconvened for dinner having bytes of Pi Pizza (get it?). Our personal favorite is the Berkeley with all the fresh veggies in a cornmeal deep dish. A movie in Chinatown and a walk through the ritzy CityCenter before a metro ride home polished off the warm summery night.

Today, as he packs his bags and heads west, we hope he has smooth sailing ahead. We will be here spreading love from our coast to his.